Asian-American Designers Graced the New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week recently showcased different collections from talented designers.  Audience were impressed and captivated by the works of famous Asian-American Designers.  A growing number of Asian-American designers have been dominating the fashion scene these days.  It wouldn’t be such a surprise since these designers continually hone their craft by infusing both Eastern and Western style into their collections.

The emergence of Asian-American Designers were marked by two Asian designers in America during the 80’s.  Vera Wang and Anna Sui made a great impact in the American Fashion scene.  Now, new generations of Asian-American designers have sprung.  Before there were only a few members of Asian-American Designers in the Council of Fashion Designers of America but it has significantly grown to over 35 designers.

Vera Wang’s Spring/Summer Collection for 2011 was dominated with dark hues instead of the colorful palettes we usually see during spring and summer.  The crowd were impressed with her dresses featuring a hint of Eastern influence.  Asian prints and origami looking fabrics were featured in her dresses and skirts.  It was an infusion of both worlds were sophistication and sensuality was well depicted.

Another budding Asian-American Designer is Jason Wu which became famous after the US President’s wife chose his design for the inauguration.  His creations for the spring collection was showcased at the New York Fashion Week.  He featured new designs for handbags, shoes and dresses.

Alexander Wang also impressed the fashionable taste of his audiences with his collection.  He made unearthly designs by creating sheer dresses and other ethereal looking ensembles.

The future of the fashion world is constantly changing with the introduction of new fashion styles from various promising Asian designers.  They’ve brought Asian Fashion into the Western World.


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